Monday, 23 May 2016

I have recently signed a new publishing contract for the 
Flora Maguire Edwardian Cosy Mysteries with Head of Zeus [Aria] 
- the first book under a new title is scheduled for release in October 2016, No 2 is scheduled for December and three more novels follow which feature the adventures of Flora and Bunny will be coming in 2017.

Do keep dropping by for new announcements on titles, cover art
and announcements.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Meet Flora Maguire

Flora Maguire, christened Fleur, a name declared too continental by her paternal Scottish grandfather who insisted on calling her Flora. Now she cannot remember being called anything else.

She was raised by Riordan Maguire, a widower and head butler for Lord George Vaughn and his wife, Lady Venetia Vaughn at Cleeve Abbey, their country residence outside Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. The Vaughn's have three daughters, Amelia, Emerald and Jocasta, whom Flora joined in the schoolroom, finally becoming governess to the Vaughn's youngest child, Edward, Viscount Trent.

Riordan, known by the household as Maguire, had a staff of sixty servants to supervise, leaving Flora much to her own devices as a child.  She only vaguely remembers her mother, who died when she was six, although a mystery exists as to what actually happened to Lily Maguire which no one, staff or family, was willing to talk about.

Accustomed to a conspiracy of silence, Flora never asked, though she has occasional, vivid dreams which feature her mother involved in a confusing incident she cannot explain.

Flora cannot reject the establishment on whom she relies for a living, but at the same time has strong opinions of her own. She is an advocate of Votes For Women and the right of girls to be educated, views she tends to keep to herself so as not to appear controversial.

Possibly due to the enigma surrounding her mother, Flora hates mysteries and tends to be vocal in  her desire to find out the truth of any situation. When the death of a man on the SS Minneapolis is declared an accident, Flora is not convinced. Despite that neither the captain nor the ship's surgeon agree with her, she is determined to find out what really happened, but has limited time to reveal the culprit before the ship reaches England..

Sometimes her enthusiasm leads her to jump into situations without thinking, but on the whole she is level headed and analytical. There is nothing she likes more than a mystery, and nothing she like less than intransigent authority figures who refuse to take her instincts or her logical thinking seriously.